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Discover the perfect blend of practicality and spirituality in this insightful workbook designed for mothers seeking to harness their intuition throughout the birthing journey. Uncover a wealth of wisdom, including:


~Affirmations and exercises that tap into your innate intuition

~Learn the art of manifestation with a collection of affirmations and guidance to craft your own

~Craft a clear and effective birth plan, ensuring seamless communication with your birth team

~Prepare for the postpartum period on all fronts: spiritual, mental, physical, and environmental

~Share your needs effortlessly with a customizable postpartum chores list

~Navigate perinatal considerations with a comprehensive list of essential topics

~Address and heal trauma experiences that might impact your birthing process

~Conquer fears and develop strategies to create a confident birthing experience

~Equip yourself with coping mechanisms for managing discomfort during labor


Embark on a transformative journey that merges the spiritual with the practical, allowing you to embrace your intuition and approach childbirth with confidence and grace.

Doula Guide To Intuitive Birth Preparation Workbook

  • This is a 46 page PDF download, best enjoyed printed and used as a physical workbook / journal

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