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LifeWorXX Community & Sisterhood

Hosted by Sondra Reher & Emilie Alexina on Mighty Networks

We are curating an open & authentic digital community space that allows women to come together in a deep and nourishing  way

We encourage women to explore the deepest parts of themselves and our community members are able hold that energy for each other

Together, we can bridge the gaps between living on autopilot vs. embodied living as the authority in our lives


  • women in their glorious maiden phase

  • juicy pre-conceptive & pregnant women 

  • alert women de-programming from the mainstream 

  • women tuned in to intuitive, rooted and "alternative" health and living

  • women pursuing home centered child education

  • newly initiated  & wisely seasoned mothers

  • honoured family matriarchs

  • holistic womens workers & birthworkers

  • women yearning for deeper support and community while exploring their sovereignty

Features of Community Tier (Tier 1)

  • $6/month (CDN$) 

  • Community chat with peer and host support

  • Prompted weekly discussions in chat

  • Monthly theme- includes resources, articles,  discussions, featured womens workers & more

  • Access to *BirthworXX Directory* - a womens worker & birthworker contact data-base 

  • Ability to be added to *BirthworXX Directory* for women to find your work

  • Once monthly community connection call

  • Freebies & discounts on digital content and offerings by hosts and featured womens workers

Features of Sisterhood Tier (Tier 2)

  • Sisterhood(tier 2) is opening in spring 2024

  • $24/month (CDN$)

  • Sisters are vetted through initiation call with host

  • All features of community tier 1

  • Additional 2 video calls per month on themes relevant to group dynamic

  • Access to previously recorded videos 

  • Priority response time from hosts for urgent perinatal support needed in chat (ideal for women looking for affordable perinatal support, hello doula in your pocket!)

Pre-Conception & Pregnancy

Maternity Meditation Class
Pregnant Woman in Nature

Meeting women where they are at in their journey to holistic motherhood

Connection with womens workers and birthworkers who are operating beyond the medical & technocratic paradigm

Welcoming and encouraging dialogue that goes beyond technocratic, allopathic care models

A safe forum to explore all your innermost concerns, thoughts, and desires for pregnancy & birth

Prompt feedback from your hosts for those in the Sisterhood network tier- like a doula in your pocket!

Early Motherhood & Intuitive Parenting

We encourage converastion and discussion on parenting and motherhood beyond the mainstream narrative of the typical societal family expectations

  • Home birth

  • Home education or alternative education

  • Home grown foods & medicine

  • Alternative living styles

  • Varying theories & philosphies on parenting styles and child rearing

  • Stepping away from government systems as a family

Raising our children may be the most important thing we ever do, having a community of open minded women beside us while wenavigate this undertaking is irreplacable

Let's be the community that each woman needs

Mother and Daughter
Mother and Baby

Self Tending

Hand Massage

Every woman needs a community to help encourage her to tend to herself, these discussions are for every maiden & mother!


Lets explore:

  • Personal Reflection & Expansion

  • Self Responsibilty & Personal Commitment

  • Self Healing - GNM

  • Upper Limits & Limiting Beliefs

  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

  • Psychadelics

  • God & Religion

  • Integration of Healing

  • Trauma ~ Birth trauma, childhood trauma & beyond

  • Grief ~ Loss of all kinds and death at all stages including pregancy & child loss

Womens Workers & Birthworkers

We have a deep respect and reverence for womens workers and birthworkers from all backgrounds, various trainings, and differing "titles"

We see no hierarchy in the world of birthworkers, each woman brings her own unique and sought after essense to this realm

Women know how to discern, and are responsible for their choices in seeking council and support from other women

We welcome all women to come to this space,  willing to share their wisdom, expertise, opinions and experiences

Within this community you will find:

doulas, birthkeepers (likely trained under Whapio Diane Bartlett), radical birthkeepers (likely trained under Emilie Saldaya & Yolande Norris-Clarke), traditional birth attendants (likely trained under Billie Harrigan), traditional birth companions, mentors, practitioners, herbalists, body workers, energy workers & so many more incredibly wise women

Additionally, we want to feature YOU! Your wisdom needs to be shared, let us give you the platform to do so, in front of the audience who is listening. A dedicated space for business sharing, as well as  hosting your own live calls will also be available - which always delivers compensation

Three Women
Newborn Baby Foot

Messages From Your Hosts

Sondra Reher

Emilie Alexina

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