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Compassionate Death Guide

By: Sondra Reher

A practical and spiritual guide for families

& birthworkers longing to reclaim loss

Compassionate Death Guide.jpg

In-Utero Loss, Neonatal Loss, Death of all Ages

"Writing this guide on the heels of an early miscarriage, and just weeks into a subsequent pregnancy, can only described as an emotionally taxing experience. With many deep dives into all the “worst case” scenerios in pregnancy, and a general plunge into all things death related, I had to compartmentalize the work until processing could take place. Caring for myself during this process has been crucial, and I encourage the same for any reader, to take breaks and integrate this information. Having shed tears over the keyboard, my heart is with every mother and family who has navigated the death of a loved one."



  • Navigating grief

  • Rights & legalities surrounding death

  • Preparing for loss, expected and unexpected

  • Physiology of death, the process of dying and after death details

  • Aiding holistic miscarriage and supporting loss naturally, and at home

  • Bringing ceremony to death

  • Resources, additional wesbites and programs to aid you


  • 47 Pages total

  • 37 pages of detailed information

  • Digital download

  • PDF format

  • Ideal for printing (letter)

  • Share with clients

  • A  significant resource for every holistic birthworker & deathworker

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