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Here Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

I have curated a selection of wonderful products and services offered by my favourite brands and entrepreneurs. All of which I have personal experience utilizing, and would only suggest to my best friends! 

Some links will provide you with a discount, and some will also offer me an affiliate kickback when you use my link. This is at no added cost to you and provides a cash flow for another woman through your purchase. Your support means everything! 

Women supporting women is how we create a feminine flow of income opportunities for each other. 

Affiliates: The Freebirth Society, The Brand Hannah, Soverieign Beauty & Wellness, Silverettes, No Pong Deodorant, Nixit 

The Freebirth Society Courses

Orchid Doula.jpg

The complete guide to freebirth

Radical Birthkeeper School

Postpartum in Bliss

Wild mother's medicine chest

(A personal favourite of mine for women looking to take the lead of her and her families health and wellbeing)

Silverette USA


Healing Silver Nipple Cups

Click The Picture!

These cups offer healing and soothing to your nipples, which is especially important during early breastfeeding adjustments.  I love popping these in the fridge for cooling relief, and applying ointments underneath for added healing!

I receive 7% commission on your purchase -Thank You!

Nixit Menstrual Products


Suction Free Silicone Menstrual Cup & Femine Hygiene

Click The Picture!

This product is my #1 during my bleed. With first hand experience I can tell you it's gentle, comfortable & convenient due to it's large blood holding capacity and hands-free emptying capabilties! 

15% OFF with code "Sondra"-

Fluctuating Affiliate Commission

Thank You!

The Brand Hannah



Organic Cotton Menstrual Pads

Code: sondrareher 

Click The Picture!

Hannah Pads were the best choice I could have made in my postpartum journey, I felt so comfortable, no gross smells like disposable pads, and good for my tender healing vulva/perineum! I now gleefully use them with my menstrual cycles as well, especially for overnight protection, no more tampons or disposables!

No Affiliate Commission

Wholistic Birth Services


Perineal Steaming Herbs

Postpartum and Menstrual Herbal Products

Click the Picture!

Monique offers wonderful handmade, herbal products, my favourite being the Womb Ease tincture that brings me so much relief during hormonal changes and bleeding time!

No Affiliate 

Jane & Thunder Apothecary


Allergy Safe and Organic Mama + Baby Care Products for you + yours! - Click The Picture!

Courtney's products are my first line in soothing and caring for my skin, and the skin of my littles ones, right from birth! They are so luxurious and more gentle than any big box product out there

10% OFF with code "SONDRAREHER"-

I receive %10 Affiliate Commission - Thank You!

Arielle De Martinez-

Sovereign Beauty & Wellness


NO POO Haircare Course-

Herbal Remedies Course-

Herbal Offerings

Click The Picture!

I loved Arielle's Wild Mothers Medicine Chest Course, what a wealth of holistic information! She also boasts unique lunar infused herbal offerings! Check in for restocks!

I receive 7% commission on your purchase of online courses

- Thank You! 

No Pong Deodorant


Clean, Toxin Free Deodorant

Click The Picture!

I love the creaminess of the solution, it's super easy to apply, and the original fresh scent is my favourite. Choosing "clean" products is so important for overall health, and especially in pregnancy and post partum!

Fluctuating Affiliate Commission -Thank You!

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