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Currently Offering: Virtual Doula Companion
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Virtual Doula Companion

 I am currently available to work with women through their Pregnancy & Postpartum as a Virtual Doula Companion! I max out my clients at approx. 2 birthing women per month in order to maintain the sacred energy needed for each woman's individual support.

Who is Virtual Support for?

Woman who are choosing autonomous birth and desire having the energetic support of a birthkeeper and fellow woman to walk behind her through her journey &/OR women who have an established care team, and value the extra support of a grounded holistic birthworker


•From any point in pregnancy until 4 weeks post partum 

•Private 1:1

•Option to open group chat with your partner for added deeper communication

•Telegram communication with a focus on voice & video clips

•Rapid response, within 12 hrs max (unless otherwise communicated)

•You may message at anytime & I also prompt routine communication

•Free access to my digital products

Pregnancy is a time of going inwards, but also of expansion!

While you are in-between worlds, it is best to be able to lean into the haziness and into your intuition ~ Que another woman to hold that frequency with you. This support can help you step into your mammalian brain & also feel safe, witnessed, attuned to, held, whole & healthy

I love offering practical holistic advice and support on physiology, nutrition, wellness and more! But what I believe is REALLY VALUABLE, is having another woman to set the stage with you for an intuitive, expansive, aligned & beautiful experience ~ From pregnancy, through birth and into your postpartum. To hold you, but also stretch you in all the best ways

Receive Support With

Decision making process - Reflection

Ailment & Dis-Ease assessment & management

State of mind assessment

Physical, spiritual & emotional wellness

Conflict resolution - Relationship mediation

Out of system navigation

Healthcare rights - Medical system navigation

Nutrition for the body & mind

Fears - Traumas - Barriers

Birth & Postpartum planning / preparation

Inner desires contemplation

Meditation - Grounding - Intuition

Holistic perinatal education

Connection to self - Connection beyond self

~$840 Canadian~

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