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A practical and spiritual guide for families and birthworkers longing to reclaim loss ~ 


My hope for this guide is to enlighten and embolden. Enlighten families and birth workers to the varying ways in which we, as a western society, often do death poorly and how we can do so much better. Embolden families and birth workers to take the reins on navigating deathwork, to dismiss the sterilizations of death, and to step into this role confidently.


This guide has a focus on in-utero & neonatal loss, but will also cover death in general, at any age and stage of life. I also speak to the process of death and dying within the medical system, as this is still most common in western society, but I take a special interest in death outside of the medical/government paradigm in the cases where this is possible. I do not speak to the process of abortion, but the information presented here would be greatly beneficial for this experience as well.


Some information present is location specific to Ontario, Canada where I reside. Please do your due diligence in ensuring the information applies to your location. This is especially applicable to legal information.  


Writing this guide on the heels of an early miscarriage, and just weeks into a subsequent pregnancy, can only described as an emotionally taxing experience. With many deep dives into all the “worst case” scenerios in pregnancy, and a general plunge into all things death related, I had to compartmentalize the work until processing could take place. Caring for myself during this process has been crucial, and I encourage the same for any reader, to take breaks and integrate this information. Having shed tears over the keyboard, my heart is with every mother and family who has navigated the death of a loved one.

Compassionate Death Guide

  • This guide is available in PDF, and though digital information is a wonderful resource, I find it is so much more beneficial to print this guide as a paper copy on letter size paper, to have as a physical copy for reference and usually sharing with others. It is 48 pages in total, with 37 pages of detailed information. Includes images & links to external resources.

  • The following guide is the intellectual property of Sondra Reher. Please consider only using the digital file and/or guide printout for personal use. Encourage others to purchase this guide for themselves, and further support works such as these.

    Much love, Sondra Reher. For inquiries, contact

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