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This Birth Sovereignty in the System Course is designed to help you navigate the world of healthcare professionals and birth planning. It will guide you through creating a comprehensive, legally-backed Patient Care Plan that will protect you and your baby during the pregnancy. It is an informative course that will bring you back to your own body as you learn. The work is done with you, not for you, so you can dive deeper, integrate, and learn.

Birth Sovereignty In The System Course

  • Course content will immediately be sent to you via email.

    Download - Locate ZIP File - Extract Files for viewing

    Includes 4 PDF's, one of which is an editable PDF to quickly and simply input your unique information into the Care Plan format

    Includes 1 MP4 file video course - able to watch on any video player (Course is just over an hour, and can be listened to in podcast style as well, as the visual slides match the audio)

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