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Pre-Conception, Pregnancy & Birth ~ Courses, Mentorships & More!

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

An Online & Digital Offerings Directory Curated by The Perinatal Collaboration

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Welcome to the Perinatal Collaboration, a space filled with unique and heartfelt online offerings by wise and dedicated women's workers

This thread is specific to Women in Pre-conception, Pregnancy & Birth ~ Find offerings such as courses, seminars, groups, 1:1 and digital downloads that provide support, education and community to women just like you!

Do you have an amazing digital product or online offering specific to women in their perinatal journey, or for the women that support others during this phase of life, including women's workers and birthworkers?

It is FREE to have your offering added to our directory, which is visible both through our blog, on instagram @theperinatalcollaboration and other social media platforms! Join us in curating this one-stop-shop for women seeking online offerings! DM on Instagram or Email to discuss adding your content to The Perinatal Collaboration

Some links in this post may offer affiliate compensation (at no additional charge to you!) ~ By using the links in this blog, you help support and uplift women and womens workers


Woven Women is a safe and sacred portal co-founded by Janet Borger @wildflowerssandthemoon on IG + Christine Murphy. @wildwomanmothering on IG

We are moon sisters and mothers who are committed to preserving the power of womanhood, the sacredness of motherhood, and the innocence of our children.

As mothers, we are the sanctuary for which life can be birthed from and it is essential that we have sacred spaces that honour our primordial essence and help us remember the innate wisdom we all carry in our bones.

We are women that see the unseen, that feel in our hearts before we know in our minds.

In this private & censorship free space, we provide an energetic anchor for you to support and nourish your nervous system, be inspired by women, and activated in your own journey of womanhood, mothering, birth, and beyond.

Hosted on the platform Mighty Networks



This is your invitation to join Yolande @bauhauswife on IG and a cohort of brilliant midwives, medicine women, and healers in a virtual space like no other–a place for women dedicated to self-reclamation through embodiment, self-healing, free-birthing, and an open exploration of the inner landscape.

Yolande created The Bauhauswife Birth Circle community after realizing via the shock of the collective [re] awakening of 2020, that the internet has been redacted so thoroughly, and society corrupted so seemingly comprehensively, that there is an urgent need for wild women to come together and share the truth of our births, bodies, and babies through story, testimony, and sisterhood, in a secure container populated by like minds.

The Bauhauswife Birth Circle is the intimate garden party for all those women who are on the fringes: on the outside of the institution, banished from the family reunion, exiled from academia, and diving into the unknown of self-awareness.

The Bauhauswife Birth Circle offers a potent antidote to the restrictiveness and suppression of public social media spaces, and an opportunity to receive Yolande’s direct input on all things life, love, birth, mothering, relationship, and more.

Circle is hosted on The Mighty Networks Platform



Choosing who you invite into your birth space is a big deal. Understanding models of care, and who serves these models is a foundational key to making this decision in alignment with your values. This is a Free PDF download!



Planning a home birth? Not sure what questions to ask a potential midwife? Are you hiring a doula? Planning for your ideal postpartum? This guide was written with the holistic mom in mind and it covers subjects like often-overlooked issues new parents run into, how to differentiate between a certified doula and an "uncertified doula," simple ways to nourish a postpartum body, and hiring a midwife - or choosing to not hire a midwife.



Initiating the Journey Home; into the Sacred that lives within you,

discovered through the motions of the breath and every day moments

-• Cyclical breakdowns; learn the basic motions of the rise, the fall and the spaces in-between; discover how working with these understandings can cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and life's every day moments.

-• Journal Prompts for contemplation and processing; bringing you into deeper wells of your awarenessand lived experiences; reconnecting with the internal voice and innate intelligence.

-• Elemental explorations; inviting you to reconnect with the natural world and establish right relationship to the elements and Sacred essence of Life.

- • - • - • -

Inspire a rekindling of Sacred Relationship through organic grounding methods and practices

Remember the simplicity of all that you are, while returning to reverence for the miraculous creation that is you.

• Emanate from a re-discovered centre

• Radiate your brilliance

• Rise in your innate intelligence

- • - • - • -

What do I receive?

-• 1 digital/printable PDF Journal; intentionally created and designed

-• 28m meditative audio

-• custom playlist for Journal purchasers



Emily @leorisingbirthkeeping on IG offers Intuitive Astrology through a Holistic Lens. This reading can be purchased for one's self or gifted to a treasured mother in your life.




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