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Postpartum & Early Motherhood ~ Courses, Mentorships & More!

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

An Online & Digital Offerings Directory Curated by The Perinatal Collaboration

Welcome to the Perinatal Collaboration, a space filled with unique and heartfelt online offerings by wise and dedicated women's workers

This thread is specific to Women in Postpartum & Early Motherhood ~ Find offerings such as courses, seminars, groups, 1:1 and digital downloads that provide support, education and community to women just like you!

Do you have an amazing digital product or online offering specific to women in their perinatal journey, or for the women that support others during this phase of life, including women's workers and birthworkers?

It is FREE to have your offering added to our directory, which is visible both through our blog, on instagram @theperinatalcollaboration and other social media platforms! Join us in curating this one-stop-shop for women seeking online offerings! DM on Instagram or Email to discuss adding your content to The Perinatal Collaboration

Some links in this post may offer affiliate compensation (at no additional charge to you!) ~ By using the links in this blog, you help support and uplift women and womens workers


I hope this will be an insightful + impactful guide while preparing for motherhood whether this is your first baby or your fifth. There are hundreds of products within this guide and all are carefully curated to encourage a healthy, more natural way of welcoming your baby into the world. Each product title + image is clickable and will bring you directly to the purchasing website. I’ve also sprinkled in some free resources and personal experience to help you on your journey.



This book is an incredible resource for expecting parents and will fill you in on the importance of postpartum nutrition, principles of postpartum nutrition and some key superfoods in meals after birth. It includes over 20 delicious recipes specifically designed with postpartum recovery in mind. Instructions on meal prep and a cooking timeline with grocery lists are included to make it easy for you to plan ahead for your fourth trimester.



New & improved, this guide will lead you through introducing breastfeeding boundaries - including night weaning - to the conclusion of your nursing journey. Rooted in the principles of neuroplasticity and pedagogic theory, this technique will guide you through weaning your child off the breast in a gentle and responsive way.

With love,





A 45 page guide to help your transition back to paid employment as a breastfeeding mother as smooth as possible. Answering questions like:

How will I maintain my supply once I return to work?

Do I need to pump and if so, how often?

What if my baby doesn't accept a bottle?

How will my baby nap and fall asleep without me?

How will we both cope with this transition?

The contents of this guide will ease your anxieties and help you to feel truly prepared to return to work, breastfeeding.

With love, Danielle X CLICK THE TITLE


Connect with your cycle and treat your body kindly with Nixit , my personal favorite mentrual product

Use code: Sondra at checkout for %15 OFF


This FREE CHECKLIST offers you a guide with 10 items to navigate life after birth with confidence.



Let’s demystify Ontario baby registration together!

Planning your out-of-the-system birth doesn’t need to be accompanied by the stress of trying to figure out how to register your baby and receive their health card.

I’ve made a small video that is accompanied by written instructions and an affidavit template, so you can spend more time cuddling your newborn and not doing paperwork.

Created by ex-midwife turned Tradition Birth Attendant Tiffany Klassen



Support women owned businesses that have genuine values (and delightful products!) with Jane + Thunder Apothecary

Get %10 OFF with code SONDRAREHER

Find soothing comfort & healing in your postpartum with Silverettes Nipple Covers

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