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PODCASTS For Insightful Women

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Find Your New Favourite Voices ~ A Podcast Directory Curated by The Perinatal Collaboration

Welcome to the Perinatal Collaboration, a space filled with unique and heartfelt online offerings by wise and dedicated women's workers

This thread is specific to Women Podcasters who are making waves in the world of birthwork, women's work, motherhood, spirituality, business, mindset growth & more!

Do you have an amazing podcasts that needs to be in the ears and hearts of more women?

It is FREE to have your podcasts or other online offerings added to our directory, which is visible both through our blog, on instagram @theperinatalcollaboration and other social media platforms! Join us in curating this one-stop-shop for women seeking online offerings! DM on Instagram or Email to discuss adding your content to The Perinatal Collaboration

Some links in this post may offer affiliate compensation (at no additional charge to you!) ~ By using the links in this blog, you help support and uplift women and womens workers


By: Sarah Jane & Taylor Marie

Sarah Jane & Taylor Marie chat synchronicity, birth work, death, more birth & all things related; all of which is recorded for your listening pleasure!


By: NinNeru’aEl

Enriching life conversations that open access to the limitless creative potential that exists within our human life. From birth to death, ancestry and everything in between. Here, we explore the keys (qis) of life available to create, sustain and transform our eternal flame, and the possibilities unlocked when we step through those doors.

You are the key maker and the keys are in your hands…What doors will you open? What possibilities will you create?

This is the Qi Of Life Podcast!


By: Dr. Laura Foster

Join Dr. Laura Foster + her guests as we drop into potent conversations around freedom, spirituality, health, wealth, intuition, the divine feminine, entrepreneurship, sovereignty and the greatest expression of your soul self.

This podcast will inspire you to awaken the flame within and answer the rising “call to action” you feel within your soul. These conversations embody strategy and some powerful mindset shifts that will help you release what no longer serves you, reclaim the truth of your life and stand in the power of your most feminine, sovereign badass self. Get ready to stand with more confidence, curiosity and courage than ever before.


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By: Ellen Fisher

I'm Elen, a 15 year thriving vegan and home-birthing mother of five, sharing information about restoring your health and relationships that has truly changed my life. In a world with so many conflicting ideas, this podcast simplifies what really makes us thrive. Here you'll find empowering conversations on respectful parenting, plang-based nutrition, financial freedom, growth mindset, birth, relationships, culture and more that not only impacts you, but the world around you. I often sit down with expert guests to share their wisdom with you guys. Welcome to the Ellen Fisher Podcast!


Hosted by: Kate McDowell & Amanda Golightly

Getting to the point of frustration is easy if you've tried ALL the things to improve your health, and haven't found a solution!

Join Natural Health experts Kate McDowell & Amanda Golightly as they dive into effective holistic & natural options for improving your health. Options that your doctor


By: Elizabeth Grace

With The Sleepy Bookshelf we’re throwing the relaxing magic of Get Sleepy into the deep, cultural well of classic literature. We’re creating a calming, sleep-inducing library of some of the best works of fiction and non-fiction ever written.

Did you know that reading before bed has been proven to reduce stress and help improve sleep? Now, with The Sleepy Bookshelf, you can bring a great book to bed every single night.


By: Lauren Fortuna-Floch

Description: Do you long to experience pregnancy, birth and motherhood on a deeper level? Do you desire to explore new knowledge and perspectives, to practice tuning into and trusting your own innate wisdom, and to embody your most authentic version of self? If that’s a “heck yaaaa” I hear, then WELCOME dear sister. You’re in the right place. In this space we bring so much reverence to the rite of passage that is the maiden to mother journey. Join Lauren Fortuna-Floch for unfiltered and inspiring conversations with experts, mothers, and all around badass wise women, where we’ll explore all the ways we can nourish ourselves- body, mind, and heart. We’re blending the head AND the heart, the mind AND the body to help you cultivate the knowledge, practices, and resources you need to be the most aligned and radically well-nourished mother you deserve to be.


By: Emilee Saldaya

The Free Birth Society Podcastfeatures honest, gripping, inspiring, and transformative freebirth stories hosted by the founder Emilee Saldaya in conversation with wild women worldwide.


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By: Mel and B

Modern birth practices are stifling women's autonomy, minimising the birth experience and endorsing the medicalisation of birth. The Great Birth Rebellion dismantles western beliefs and management of birth and presents an evidence-based alternative to modern birth practices. We believe that calculated rebellion against medicalised maternity care is the evidence-based and preferred path to having a great birth. This is the great birth rebellion.


By:Ashley Winning

Hello & Welcome to The VBAC Homebirth Stories Podcast.

Are you wanting to learn more about vaginal homebirth after cesarean section and find your confidence to birth the way you feel is the best and safest for you and your baby?

This podcast is for women wanting to learn more about VBAC’s, especially homebirths!


By: Rebecca Dekker PhD, RN

In the Evidence Based Birth® Podcast, we cover the research evidence on hot topics about pregnancy and childbirth! Our mission is to raise the quality of childbirth care globally, by putting accurate, evidence based research into the hands of families and communities, so they can make informed, empowered choices. This show is perfect for anyone interested in birth options, from expecting parents to experienced birth professionals.


By: Emilie Alexina

Join me as I explore Truths, Beauty, Medicine and Healing on all levels with a focus on motherhood and womanhood.


Hosted by: Julie Francom and Meagan Heaton

The VBAC Link is a podcast of up-to-date, evidence-based information about VBAC, Cesarean, pregnancy, and more.

Hosted by Julie Francom and Meagan Heaton, the podcast features VBAC moms, doulas, and childbirth educators. The podcast is geared towards making birth after Cesarean a better, more rewarding, and manageable experience.

The podcast brings you weekly episodes of entertaining, informative, and honest discussions with parents and experts from around the world.

Here you will find VBAC stories, repeat Cesarean stories, FAQ episodes with Julie & Meagan, guest interviews, and even a uterine rupture story or two.

The promise to you is always to keep it real.

Preparing for a VBAC can end in a variety of ways. The goal of The VBAC Link podcast is to educate and inform you of ALL the outcomes, so you can best use your education and intuition along with your story as it unfolds.

This podcast is for people looking for real-life experiences combined with factual and evidence-based information about all things VBAC and Cesarean.

In their relatable and concise style, Julie and Meagan help you save time and energy for what matters most.

By providing stories with multiple perspectives and birth outcomes, you gain a better understanding of birth after Cesarean with the evidence to back it up.

One thing is certain: you’re not alone.

There is a community of people just like you waiting to share their experiences. Hearing real birth stories is the first step to feeling prepared and empowered.


By: Ali & Karly

Birth Kweens is a wildly honest and fun dive into all things natural-pregnancy, birth, postpartum and women’s health related.


By: Adriana Lozada

On Birthful, working doula and former journalist Adriana Lozada talks pregnancy, birth and postpartum with top experts and new parents. Every episode distills the overload of pregnancy information down to the most relevant and useful stuff. Adriana Lozada is a mom, author, speaker, birth doula, postpartum educator, and healthy-sleep consultant. Visit Please note: Adriana has years of experience but she's not a doctor, and does not expect anyone to treat the show like medical advice. Please always consult with your care provider. This show does not dispense medical advice.


By: Margo & Maryn

It's a Podcast and a birth worker mentorship all in one.

We actually have three podcast series, our original Taking Back Birth, the Birth Warrior Podcast, and Midwifery for the People...

You can check out all three here.


By: Katie James and Dr Rachel Reed

Join us as we hubble, bubble, toil, and trouble our way through aspects of midwifery, birth, lactation, and womanhood. We tackle and discuss a variety of topics within the sphere of womanhood, birth, and lactation and what this entails in today's society. We want to be able to share in the strengths of women gathering together and being more informed, for their birth, their feeding experience, and the transition into knowing ourselves better. This is the podcast to connect us as a greater circle of women united.


By: Athena Wilder

Welcome to Cosmic Conceptions—a place where we acknowledge that Women are of nature and the stars. My name is Athena and I’ll be your guide as we explore esoteric transmissions on fertility astrology, conscious conceptions, women’s health, and more. Here we will not shy away from the radical, the controversial, or the spiritual, so grab your tea and let's get cosmic.


By: Rebekkah Traptow

Relatable stories, nuggets of wisdom, and words of encouragement for new and seasoned Birth Workers alike!

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