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Birth Workers & Birth Business ~ Courses, Mentorships & More!

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

An Online & Digital Offerings Directory Curated by The Perinatal Collaboration

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Welcome to the Perinatal Collaboration, a space filled with unique and heartfelt online offerings by wise and dedicated women's workers

This thread is specific to Birth Workers & Birth Business offerings ~ Both for personal support, business development and educational resources

Do you have an amazing digital product or online offering specific to women in their perinatal journey, or for the women that support others during this phase of life, including women's workers and birthworkers?

It is FREE to have your offering added to our directory, which is visible both through our blog, on instagram @theperinatalcollaboration and other social media platforms! Join us in curating this one-stop-shop for women seeking online offerings! DM on Instagram or Email to discuss adding your content to The Perinatal Collaboration

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This one’s for the doulas and birth workers. Your work is deep. It’s big. It’s expansive. It’s beautiful. And there’s so much to learn from each experience, each birth, and each interaction. You nurture others so easily, so freely. But you forget to give yourself that same care. My wish for you is that this journal helps you cultivate a ritual and routine of reflection and self-care, so you can alchemize your powerful experiences into a source of growth, empowerment, and wisdom.



You know deep down you were destined for something more. You’ve done “all the things”, paved the way in your career, done a ton of healing and now you’re ready to take the quantum leap to your fullest sensual expression.

Most importantly, you’re a woman, who knows in her bones that she’s ready to embody self-love, experience the greatest pleasure, and create the deepest intimacy that meets her heart and soul.

This is a personalized 1:1 devoted coaching journey that is intimate and deeply transformational. It is a journey back home to yourself designed to guide you to see and feel all parts of you – your feminine, masculine, emotions, pains and pleasures – as a deeply sacred source of empowerment.



Want 1:1 Doula Business Support, Encouragement & Training? The Birth Work Company's Birthworker Business Mentorship was designed to help you discover your zone of genius, harness what sparks your passion, and build a unique, sustainable, and fulfilling Doula/Birth Worker Business!

You Get:

10 Strategy Sessions with our experienced Doula mentors

Optional Brand & Website Audits by our experts

Unlimited* Lifetime Email/Messaging Support

Logo & Visual Brand Creation/Curation (as needed)

Over $300.00 in Digital Doula business and CBE tools



Welcome to The Birth Work Company! All of our resources are evidence-based, thoroughly researched, and curated by experienced doulas, childbirth educators, and healthcare practitioners!

We do NOT use AI software to generate our copy or compile our research. Each and every document has been expertly crafted and researched by real Doulas!

Don't see what you're looking for? Feel free to reach out via message or email! I would be happy to assist!

XO - Rebekkah



Trauma-informed care is as lifesaving as knowing CPR or washing your hands! Learn to make a real difference now.

The Trauma Informed Professional: Ensuring parents welcome their babies with compassionate, trauma-informed care.

Hosts and Instructors For This Course

Billie Harrigan @billieharrigan on IG, Cassie Truckle, Hannah Kunert


When you purchase this course, you'll be given immediate access and can begin today. Move through the course at your own pace so that you get the most out of this learning opportunity.

You'll also be added to our overarching network The Harrigan Hive where we talk about birth, trauma-informed care, and our experiences in navigating birth inside and outside the medical system. The content can be tough at times, but you'll be in a friendly and supportive community that cares about you and your journey into trauma-informed care.


Become part of the solution to the pandemic of birth-related trauma.

Learn from extensive research that comes from multiple disciplines.

Join a group of passionate and compassionate professionals from around the world.



As a doula, your clients are your No. 1 priority...but perhaps the mothers in your care are:

-Searching for a deeply sacred, meaningful, and positive birth experience.

-Afraid of giving birth for the first time because of how it is portrayed by the media.

-Scared of feeling out of control after having a previous traumatic birth experience.

-Desiring to claim their power in pregnancy after being controlled or let down by the medical model.

-Seeking to gain the confidence to give birth as nature intended.

-Looking for practical and powerful ways to move their body during labor to aid in childbirth.

Do you feel you are lacking a childbirth preparation resource that will effectively address these concerns for your clients?

Then you are in the right place!

EmbodyBirth™ is the first and ONLY childbirth preparation program that shares BellydanceBirth® and includes these techniques in the program



Whether it's a first brush on canvas or the last frame in an animation, Skillshare is here to support you on every step of your creative journey. Skillshare classes are taught by exceptional leaders excited to share their tools, techniques, and professional journeys with you. Browse from thousands of courses on this platform to enhance your creativity and expertise in varying areas of creative expression!

Level up your birth business and hone in on your creativity by enjoying a whole FRE MONTH of Skillshare!



Build & Grow a Thriving Birth Business While Centering Relationships & Care.

This is a 12 Month Immersion Program to Build Your Dream Business & a Sustainable Livelihood. Offered by successful entrepreneur and passionate herbalist & birthworker Molly Meehan Brown

Are you a birthkeeper, passionate and committed to serving parents and babies?

Have you spent countless hours developing your craft and now have high quality, much needed knowledge to share with your community, but you just don’t know how to get started in your birth business?

​Maybe you are at the beginning of your journey wanting to lay a solid foundation on which to build your future and hold your work. Or, perhaps you are struggling to make a consistent living, exhausted from the constant hustle just to barely pay the bills.

Are you full of dreams - a thriving and fulfilling work life, travel, freedom over your time and energy, spaciousness for self care?

Do you wish you had the income to build your future, start investing, have retirement and savings, healthcare, build generational wealth, create passive income and financial freedom?

Or are you exhausted under the weight of your schedule, time pressures and the mental load of taking care of everyone you’re responsible for?

Do you dream of building a thriving business as a herbalist or birthkeeper,

but are you currently stuck trying to figure out all the pieces of the puzzle?

Let's change that!



We teach a practical and well rounded body of information about childbirth…

all the basics…yet the material is presented holistically and with a balance of the intuitive and the clinical

At The Matrona we believe that childbirth is a transformative event and pregnant women have access to altered states of consciousness that allow them to have an expanded perspective of life and of themselves.

This culminates in the birthing process.

We realize that many women desire to be witnessed, rather than managed, in this extraordinary experience. In our Matrona Doula Program we put a different spin on what it really means to support and witness a woman and we explore what it means to nurture a mom during her childbearing cycle



In between consciously-parenting two toddlers (and healing her own inner child), stay-at-home mother Hannah @wombtoworldart on IG creates handmade pregnancy, birth and postpartum education materials and art for doulas, midwives, antenatal and hypnobirthing teachers to print and share with clients - as well as original watercolour holistic art and gifts.

After a traumatic emergency birth and NICU stay following her first planned home birth, Hannah started Womb to World Art when pregnant with her second baby, and expressing herself through art became a big part of preparing for a spiritual, healing birth.

She is now enjoying growing her range of hand-painted birth education printouts and pregnancy gifts to share and spread good news about the magical journey from womb to world

Enjoy her Handmade antenatal education downloads to print as teaching tools and birth handouts, perfect additions to your birth business



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