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1:1 Doula Companionship

1:1 Doula Companionship

"I can't thank you enough for being with me through his birth"

Perinatal Education

Perinatal Education

"I really appreciate how you deliver the course information"

Sovereign Community

Sovereign Community

"This community has been such massive support"

The Perinatal Collab Blog

The Perinatal Collab Blog

"Thank you for sharing my heartswork!"

Because Birth Works & It Belongs To Women xx
By Sondra Reher

I consider myself a holistic doula and birthkeeper, offering Virtual Doula Companionship, Perinatal Education & Support, and the Host of The Perinatal Collaboration Blog. Previously, I worked as a nurse in geriatrics (elderly care) and mental health. After years of deconstructing what that registered title actually held, I decided to release it, and step fully into authentically showing up for women. My mind is always creating, and womens work is the ultimate path of creativity, as we women are the ultimate creators ~ of life itself! I am a devoted mother and wife, roles that take the top spots on my priority list, but close contendors are my devotion to self-exploration, which in turn deeply serves the women I support.

Read more All About Me or Find details on my personal birthwork education, & time investments here My Resume

Join in Authentic
Community for 
Sovereign Women

The BirthworXX Online Community  (coming soon early 2024) Fosters a holistic & woman centered, grounded and supportive space for women in their pregnancy, birth, post partum & motherhood. It connects sovereign women and independent birthworkers, promotes alternative health and healing perspectives, encourgaes open dialogue, and is the ideal place to step into your own authority during the beautiful transition from maiden to mother.

With incredibly affordable tiered pricing, there is something expansive & heartfelt for every sovereign woman!

Browse The Perinatal Collaboration Blog pages to explore a wide range of wise and heart-centered women,  who are adding incredible online offerings to the digital space. Find online courses, seminars, 1:1's, mentorships, groups and PDF downloads, created by women for women, specific to womanhood and the perinatal journey! 

1:1 Doula Companionship is my favourite way to support women, find details on my individual birthwork support, as well as in person retreats and education

One of my passions is using my past experience as a nurse to educate women about the realities of participating in the healthcare system during their perinatal journey. Dive into what you Need To Know when entering the healthcare system, whether that's hospital birth or registered midwives

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Doula Support

Who Do I Serve?

Women working to harness the power of their intuition, who prefer depth over surface level, who see the value in alignment and inner calm.


Women who are not looking for someone to fix them, who want to discover how to do this for themselves, and are seeking the support of a like minded woman. 

Women who seek both the anecdotes of wise women, with generations of wisdom behind them, as well as utilize knowledge from modern evidence based practices. 

Women who want to hold the unwavering power to make aligned decisions for themselves, their babies, and their loved ones. 

Women who are open minded, eager to grow & enjoy a dive deep into exciting new territory.

Is this you?

Inner intuitive work changes women, it changes families, and changes the children born from these women


This work is manifesting the world we want today, as well as the world for the generations to come

A Warm Welcome 

Birth is a pivotal moment in women's and families lives, transcending into a world of parenthood and navigating all that comes with bringing a tiny new human earthside. 

I believe that pregnancy and birth is a normal physiological process, that when met with support, confidence, trust and authenticity, with the birthing person at the center of care, can be a journey of growth, magic, enlightenment, healing and immense joy!

I am a wife to an amazing man, and a momma of two wonderful little humans. I have a background of allopathic nursing experience including mental health and elderly care, which became a catalyst in moving towards more harmonic, naturopathic care for my family and I. I have completed a certified holistic doula program through The Matrona, which has set a foundation for further education and expansion. I regularly participate in workshops and seminars, read a wide variety of perinatal and self development books, enjoy educational and uplifting podcasts and seek out up to date information about the birthing and self development realm. 


I have found my calling in birth work, supporting women in their personal expansion journeys, and it is my desire to provide holistic, whole person, women centered care and support. 

I am so happy you have found your way here, and would be honored to help you transform your perinatal and parenting journey. 

Much Love, 

Sondra Reher 

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